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 Went to many happy Hours at the Crystal Palace, summer of 76. Met you at the Little Caboose(you knew the owner that opened it). McMahon's in Brighton, North Country Fair the winter of 87.Great times. Glad you are still playing. If I make it to the Cape this summer I will definitely see you play.

Johnny O Email

I'm sitting in a lodge in Vermont remembering your Super Bowl Beach Party's. Those were the best parties I had in Vermont many years ago. Thanks for all the great times in The North Country Fair.

Charlie Email

I remember you from North Country Fair in Mt. Snow.  Are you still do John M Oragan  M is for massive?

It was a great show and I love the 12 string.

Mike Shea Email

John: We came up from Florida in August 2013 just to see you again, and experience those days in the late 60's and 70's. Unfortunately, I don't remember much of what happened in the 70's.

Saw you at Jake Rooney's and Oceans; you haven't changed a bit. EXCEPT, you have to re-learn the lyrics to "Everglades".

If you ever see Paul Tetrault, Ken Olson, give me a shout at

We'll be back in July 2014,or earlier.

Mike & Judy Email

Hey John,

My wife and I met in Springfield and saw you many times---  always and outstanding performance and we remember your songs to this day!   We're now living in California and have a 17 year old who loves the guitar-- we'd love to introduce him to your songs-- where can we get a CD?

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